High-risk pregnancy care:

Depending on the circumstances and assessing your health, we at our clinic see to it that the
mother and the unborn baby are being provided with the best care as soon as she gets positive
results. During pregnancy the care of the lady is highly associated with the Thyroid problems,
High blood pressure, Diabetes, multiple pregnancy (Twin pregnancy, Triplet Pregnancy) and
specially when the women is at an age of 35 or more than it.

Diseases in pregnancy:

Many diseases occur during pregnancy like UTIs, skin and respiratory tract infections, etc. But
we see that whether these issues are serious or not and provide an appropriate solution. Some
of the common diseases in pregnancy includes Iron Deficiency Anemia, Gestational Diabetes,
Depression & Anxiety, Fetal problems, High blood pressure related to pregnancy, Infections,
preterm labor etc. Contact with the gynecologist if you are facing any disease or symptoms of
these, consult with us immediately.

Antenatal care

Antenatal care services play a major role in helping women have the safest pregnancy and also
deliver the baby without any health issues. This can help you in keeping a tap on how healthy is
the baby growing inside you and also allow you to welcome it in the world without any kind of
complication right from the beginning of the process. So, take proper treatments beforehand so
that you don’t go through any kind of complication at the last minute.